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Software rating: E

Play as ball and navigate your way through a slew of 

dangerous red hazards as you attempt to reach the 

finish-line. BallRunner is a 3D platforming game that 

truly tests your platforming abilities. Yellow coins are 

scattered throughout each level and can be collected 

by you; however, these coins are only 

rewarded to those who take the most difficult 

route.  Can you collect them all?


BallRunner.zip 49 MB


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Where to start here...

The controls and OST (at least for level 1 and 2; level 3's is pretty chill) are pretty aweful imo, no offense (please don't take it personally). Pretty glitchy too. For example I saw the timer go 2:60 once, and sometimes the game will spawn you on the platform in front of you when you die (at least in level 1) (not sure if this one is intentional). I am aware that the game is in very early stages though.

The core gameplay is quite fun tho, so I'll give you that! Quite challenging too, which I like! Can definitely see the potential the game has! I do think people should at least try this.

P.S. Is level 2 even possible to complete? I keep falling short on one of the platforms at the end...

Looking forward to seeing this being updated in the future!

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Thank you for feedback! All levels can be completed, and yes, this is very much in its early stages. It's more or less a prototype of game I'd like to create moving forward. It was my attempt at programming a game, so I still have a lot to learn. Thank you for playing my game! My next project is going to be a full game, so hopefully you find yourself having more fun. 

Best regards,


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wow bruh that's something good you got there